Marcie Simpson, President & COO

Marcie Simpson
President & COO

Marcie Simpson NYCOTEAs President and COO of Nycote® Laboratories Corporation, Marcie Simpson’s reputation and exceptional business practices has driven the company to record business growth while maintaining only the highest manufacturing standards. Trusted by industry titans like Boeing, Airbus and Embraer to increase asset lifespan, enhance safety and reduce maintenance costs, Nycote’s advanced surface protection technology delivers the world’s only corrosion-resistant coatings with the flexibility of nylon and the strength of clear epoxy.

Over the last two decades, Simpson has built strong partnerships with OEMs, MROs, and suppliers across the globe. She has solidified exclusive distribution agreements that cover the United Kingdom, the European Union, as well as the massive emerging market of South Asia where the nation’s commercial passenger traffic is projected to surge to $278M annually by 2025.

As one of only a handful of top women executives in aerospace and aviation, Simpson is committed to pursuing broader partnerships that support the continued education and empowerment of the industrial chemical sector. In 2018, she was selected as the first woman President of Aerochemicals, a dynamic alliance of international industrial chemical specialists for the aerospace industry. Representing a wide range of mission-critical chemical products, services and technical support, Aerochemicals provides a worldwide customer service network with over nine manufacturing locations, 40 sales offices, seven laboratories and a staff of 250.

Nycote® Laboratories Corporation is the only global advanced surface coating manufacturer that can deliver unrivaled anti-corrosion protection technology for mission-critical systems to the aerospace, automotive, and railway industries, among others. Through a multi-block copolymerization process, Nycote produces clear, chrome-free, lightweight liquid coatings with the flexibility of nylon and the strength of epoxy creating unprecedented protection capable of withstanding severe weather conditions and harsh environments.

Located in Los Angeles since 1959, Nycote® Laboratories Corporation is proudly owned by a United States Veteran (VOSB), as well as a highly accomplished woman (WOSB). Nycote’s advanced coating technology is manufactured to order, suitable for both OEM and MRO application, and is EU/ IATA/ REACH Compliant. Nycote® Laboratories Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified Company.

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