Nycote 88 shelf life: 12 months

Nycote Laboratories Corporation produces a two-part coating called Nycote 88. This product is used primarily in the aerospace industry, but more recently we find that this product is being used in a multitude of industries.

Our historic88al criteria for establishing shelf life indicated that the appropriate shelf life of this product should be 6-months. However, in working with Airbus, it was determined, through a different criteria that this product has a 12-month shelf life. This shelf life consideration became part of specifications DAN1172-01 and DAN1174.

Having two different shelf lives for the same product has caused confusion, not only for you our customers, but internally as well. Because of these differences, we felt further study was required. Our recent research and investigations confirmed that the measurement of shelf life for this product should, correctly be, 12 months. All orders received after this date will reflect this new information.

Given our current evaluation, all customers should be aware that this new policy does not alter the shelf life of any Nycote 88 product previously shipped. Both the Date of Manufacture (DOM) and Date of Expiration (DOE) are correct for these orders.

Out on the town

wolfgang puck-nycote-anti-corrosion


The 29th Annual SpeedNews conference included a fantastic dinner at Spago complete with a visit from Wolfgang Puck himself. Marcie Simpson, President of Nycote Laboratories compliments the chef!