Supplier Quality Clauses F-842-002-C

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Supplier Quality Clauses F-842-002-C

QC01 Quality System

QC01 – Quality System

Supplier shall establish and maintain a Quality System acceptable to Nycote Laboratories, for the goods and or/ services purchased under this purchase order. Supplier will provide Certification or Compliance documents upon request. As a minimum, the supplier’s Quality System must meet the requirements of ISO9001 or better.

QC02 Industry Accreditation for Special Processing

QC02 – Industry Accreditation for Special Processing

If approved special processes are involved in the production of the supplied product, a specialized ISO or NADCAP Accreditation is required.  Supplier will provide all documentation indicating Accreditation upon request.

QC03 Supplier Furnished Material

QC03 – Supplier Furnished Material

Supplier shall submit Chemical and Physical test reports in accordance with the latest material specifications/ revision.  If the Supplier is a Distributor, Supplier must provide a certification verifying the material traceability to the Manufacturers reports.

QC04 Sub-Contractor Flow Down

QC04 – Sub-Contractor Flow Down

Supplier is required to flow down the requirements of this purchase order, including terms and conditions to the Supplier’s subcontractors.  Supplier is to notify Nycote Laboratories of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location and, any other modifications that affect the Suppliers ability to provide the required product.

QC05 Record Retention

QC05 – Record Retention

As a minimum, the Supplier is to retain records for at least 10 years from the date of shipment under each applicable order for all products/part numbers unless otherwise specified in the order.

QC06 Nycote® Laboratories Furnished Property

QC06 – Nycote® Laboratories Furnished Property

Supplier is to return all furnished property to Nycote Laboratories at the completion of the purchase order. Furnished property may include but not be limited to the following: drawings, mylars, process specification, tooling, fixtures, and excess raw material.

QC07 Parts Identification

QC07 – Parts Identification

The Supplier is to identify parts in accordance with purchase order requirements.

QC08 Nonconformance/Corrective Action

QC08 – Nonconformance/Corrective Action

The Supplier is to notify Nycote Laboratories of a Nonconformance prior to shipping product designated in the Purchase Order requirements. In addition, the Supplier will maintain a system of handling non-conformances and corrective actions.

QC09 Supplemental Inspection Reports

QC09 – Supplemental Inspection Reports

Any supplemental reporting received by the Supplier from their subcontractors regarding the product being ordered, will be provided to Nycote Laboratories upon request.

QC10 First Article Inspection

QC10 – First Article Inspection

The Supplier is to submit a First Article inspection data upon request. It should identify all of the process specifications and dimensional data required for the product being ordered.

QC11 Supplier Calibrated Equipment

QC11 – Supplier Calibrated Equipment

All monitoring, measuring, and test equipment shall be calibrated in accordance with industry and process specification standards: NIST, ANSI/NCLSL Z540-1 or ISO 10012-1, ISO 10012-2, and ISO 17025.

QC12 Packaging Protection

QC12 – Packaging Protection

Supplier to package product in a manner that will protect supplied product from any kind of damage. No metal to metal contact is ever allowed. Supplier will ensure that all supplied product is packaged in accordance with all regulatory agencies.

QC13 Part Number Serialization

QC13 – Part Number Serialization

All parts should have unique serial numbers assigned. Supplier is to maintain tractability throughout the production stage.

QC14 Certificate of Analysis

QC14 – Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis is required, stating that the products or services delivered meet the contractual or purchase order requirements. The certificate must list the part number and all of the applicable process specifications, including date of manufacture (DOM), revision (alpha or number), and shelf life from DOM.

QC15 The Boeing Company Approved Process

QC15 – The Boeing Company Approved Process

If required, the Supplier shall maintain a special process approval from The Boeing Company on this purchase order.

QC16 Key Characteristics Data Required

QC16 – Key Characteristics Data Required

Nycote Laboratories purchase order identifies key product characteristics. Supplier is to notify Nycote Laboratories of any questions regarding the characteristics prior to fulfilling the purchase order.

QC17 Prohibition of Counterfeit Material

QC17 – Prohibition of Counterfeit Material

Supplier and /or raw material vendor is prohibited from using or supplying counterfeit material throughout the manufacturing process.

QC18 Right of Entry

QC18 – Right of Entry

Nycote Laboratories, our customers, and/ or any applicable regulatory authority reserve the right to access the supplier’s applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records. Reason for access may include inspection of the item on order, status of the item, or reviewing quality records pertaining to the purchase order in question, or the strength of the vendor’s Quality Management System.

QC19 Export Protection and Guidelines

QC19 – Export Protection and Guidelines

Nycote products are U.S.-made and available for export under Export Administration Regulations. They are classified and protected as “EAR 99.” Nycote products are not to be sold or delivered to any jurisdiction, country, or party to whom the export of these goods or deliverables is restricted by law or regulation. The purchaser of Nycote products must comply with the obligations of the sale and use of these goods to comply with U.S. export control regulations, including obtaining necessary export licenses and providing appropriate third-party notifications for the export of the goods or deliverables.

QC20 QMS Awareness

QC20 – QMS Awareness

Vendors Personnel must be made aware of:

  • their contribution to product or service conformity;
  • their contribution to product safety;
  • the importance of ethical behavior.
QC21 Control and Monitoring Requirements

QC21 – Control and Monitoring Requirements

Vendor must maintain a Quality Level ≥95% and an OTD level ≥95%. If levels drop below target, supplier will be notified and may be placed on conditional status or disapproved if not corrected.

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