Pennie Burnham

Vice President, Sales & Market Research

As the Vice President, Sales and Market Research for Nycote® Laboratories Corporation, Pennie Burnham is responsible for driving the company’s market share, enhancing the sales execution process, and strengthening client relationships through increased collaboration.

Ms. Burnham has worked extensively to enhance communications with OEMs, MROs, and suppliers across the globe; these efforts have helped to facilitate several new partnerships. She has developed an advanced sales strategy that has deepened the understanding of Nycote’s exclusive technology as the only coating solution on the market that increases asset lifespan, enhances safety, and reduces maintenance costs. Her work has given global suppliers the tools needed to effectively and confidently speak about the full breadth of Nycote products’ capabilities.

Burnham also is a key participant in Nycote’s business development, market research, sales analysis, and product development. She is an engaging speaker and often represents the company at industry events and conferences. In addition, she presents the products to audiences worldwide.