Nycote helps your hardworking assets perform better and longer, with unrivaled protection for all mission-critical applications.


SurfaceTrace keeps your products safe from counterfeiting and/or secures sensitive information like part markings and identification plates. We’ve added an element to our trusted existing coating formulations well known in the aerospace industry for encapsulation protection in extreme environments. The addition of the tracer element serves as an optical and scannable fingerprint to protect and record information about the part or product.

Antiviral / Antimicrobial

Microbial solutions with our established and approved coating formulations. With Nycote coatings, you have peace of mind that you are protecting your surfaces and moving parts from corrosion and wear, as well as providing a permanent barrier against microbial proliferation. Nysafe includes a highly effective additive to our existing formulations that provides a permanent barrier against mold, fungus, Staphylococcus, S. Aureus, SARS CoV-2, and more.

Chrome Replacement

Chrome coating products will be phased out by 2026. To reach this goal, our customers are looking to Nycote as part of a schematic with other coatings to provide a solution. Nycote technology for chrome replacement constitutes one solution due to nylon epoxy encapsulation which is known for superior adhesion, chemical resistance, and permeation control.

Conductivity Control

Trusted in aerospace for 60 years, Nycote’s liquid nylon surface protection is a revolutionary barrier against corrosion, friction, and wear. With nylon-epoxy encapsulation abilities, you can be sure that your components are completely sealed and protected for mission-critical applications.

Conformal Coating

Nyform is a non-conductive conformal coating for the protection of electronics and PCBs. The coating is durable and the thinnest, most lightweight conformal coating on the market, meeting the requirements of IPC-CC-830C, interchangeable with Mil-I-46058C. Nyform is removable and an anti-flashover, anti-tracking, insulative varnish suitable for electronics in all environments.

Contamination & Permeation Control

Nycote’s proprietary, high-performance liquid nylon-epoxy coatings provide the strength and flexibility required to contain fluids and vapors from permeating through a membrane. The ability of all Nycote formulations to adhere to many different substrates, including plastics, thermoplastics, metals, and textiles, makes our coatings a perfect partner for fuel, fuel bladder, and other liquid containment systems. All formulations are highly resistant to acidic chemicals and harsh environments.

Corrosion Prevention

Extend the life of your products with Nycote® nylon-epoxy polymer coatings which act as single source protection against salt spray, oxidation, acidic chemicals, conductivity, and other corrosive elements.

Electrical Bonding

Nycote® electrical bonding technology is the ultimate corrosion protection and your best defense against flashover and sparking.

Friction Reduction

Nycote protects critical parts of your gear. Nycote is ideal for a range of applications such as aircraft moving parts, heavy machinery, and automotive and industrial applications. The strength of Epoxy combined with nylon flexibility is the perfect solution for encapsulating sliding and moving parts.


Nygone is an easy and effective way to remove cured polymer, resin, and conformal coatings. Nygone has the ability to remove polymers without damaging your substrates.

Thinner & Surface Preparation

Using Nyclean and Thinner I is the perfect solution for surface preparation prior to applying any Nycote product.

Thinner Type II is used to thin our formulations for spray applications.

Windows & Glass

Nycote coatings help protect window fasteners, seals, acrylic, glass, composites, and other plastics from the harsh environments that mass-transit and military assets are exposed to.