Nycotek Pen

For small precise jobs. The Nycotek™ applicator pen eliminates the mess and clean up of hazardous materials in addition to being easily disposable. It’s perfect for small or hard to reach areas and one pen can cover two to four square feet. Easy-to-apply brush on with same corrosion resistant advantages as our Nycote® 7-11 or Nycote 99Ecoshield.

  • Re-sealable airtight cap
  • Eliminate mess and clean up
  • 12-month shelf life
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Physical Properties: Temperature Range from -70°F to +300°F (-57°C to 149°C)

Physical Properties Resin Film
Viscosity: @ 72ºF Zahn #2 cup 50-90 Seconds n/a
Solids Content (non-vol.) 19% n/a
Flash Point: C.O.C 70°F n/a
Pounds Per Gallon @ 78°F 7.4±0.2 lb. n/a
Shelf Life @75°F 1 Year n/a
Film Thickness, 1 Dipcoat n/a 0.5 mil
Coverage Per Applicator two-four sq.ft. +/- n/a
Tack-Free Time, 50% RH @ 70°F n/a 1 Hour
Film Pencil Hardness n/a 1-H
Adhesion ASTM D4541-09 (pull-off stress) n/a 1200 p.s.i.
Abrasion Resistance – (500 Gr. #17 wheel- 100 cycles) n/a 3.0 mgm

Resistance to Fluids: Excellent results in all areas tested

Fluid Resistance – 30 days immersion @ 75°F Excellent
JP-4 Excellent
JP-5 Excellent
JP-10 Excellent
Kerosene Excellent
Gasoline Excellent
Skydrol® Excellent
100% RH @120°F Excellent
Distilled Water Excellent
Tap Water Excellent
Salt Spray Excellent
80% JP-4 Bacteria Laden Distilled Water Excellent

Column 1 Column 2
Untreated Aluminum Excellent
Chem-filmed (Irridited) Aluminum Excellent
Anodized Aluminum Excellent
Stainless Steel Excellent
Magnesium Alloy Excellent
Fiberglass Excellent
Zinc Chromate Primed Aluminum Excellent
Synthetic Rubber Excellent
Metals / Composites / Fabrics Excellent
Titanium Excellent