Apr 9, 2021

Case Study #3: Protecting Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory glassware is required by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research labs, quality control sites and testing facilities. When lab glass breaks it causes damage from small cuts to serious health risks. To mitigate risks and increase safety, a layer of liquid plastic or powdered plastic is usually applied to the outer surface.

Protection is Required From:

  • Exploding or imploding glass due to pressurization or chemical reaction.
  • Liquid permeation
  • High / low temperatures
  • Volatile chemicals

How Nycote’s Products Protect Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory glassware protected with Nycote's clear nylon epoxy polymer coating.

Nycote products provide an excellent permanent safety barrier from harsh environments and can be used to encapsulate laboratory glassware.

Nycote 99 Ecoshield delivers a clear thin nylon polymer layer that can be applied by brush, spray, or dip method. Nycote 99 has received great response from scientific glassware manufacturers and is preferred to other messy, inconvenient plastic powder methods. The combination of nylon and highly cross-linked polymer epoxy has excellent adhesion and chemical resistance characteristics.

Nycote coating technology is essential for applications requiring the flexibility of nylon and the strength of an epoxy. The coating forms a pinhole-free, impact resistant, external protective coating on laboratory glassware. It can hold broken pieces together so that the contents are generally retained within the nylon polymer barrier. The coating is transparent allowing for unimpeded visual ability.

About Nycote

Nycote coating and resin products provide an excellent barrier from all degradative environments and can increase safety and part life-span with complete encapsulation technology. Please contact sales@nycote.com or call +1 (818) 764-9498.

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