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Nyclean™ is an extraordinary cleaner which can be used with all Nycote® products. It is remarkably successful in cleaning metals. It is also extremely effective in cleaning the impact of tea staining on stainless steel prior to applying the corrosion preventing Nycote® products.

Store at 70F° to 120°F (21°C to 48°C)

Application of Nyclean

  1. Carefully clean surface with Nyclean™ prior to Nycote® application
  2. Use latex or other protective gloves during application of Nyclean™
  3. Apply Nyclean™ with a dry soft rag
  4. Completely clean by rubbing the Nyclean™ coated rag over the surface
  5. If necessary, apply second coat of Nyclean™
  6. Allow wetted surface to air dry in dust and lint free area, approximately 30 minutes
  7. Once dry, apply Nycote® protective coating of choice

Safety / Caution

  • Keep Nyclean™ away from flames as vapors could be ignited
  • If flames occur, use water to cool exposed containers along with self contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing
  • May cause dizziness if used in confined area
  • Moderate exposure may result in sensitization of skin, giddiness and headache
  • Unconsciousness or death may occur in extreme cases
  • If skin is exposed flush with water
  • If swallowed, take two glasses of water but do not induce vomiting
  • If it gets in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes
  • If spilled clean with rags and/or absorbent material

Controlling Tea Staining Corrosion with Nyclean

Tea staining on Stainless Steel Surfaces [PDF Article]

FAA officials contacted Nycote® Laboratories for assistance to control extensive corrosion complications at their radar site in Kahului, Maui. Because of the extremely harsh environment: salt spray from the ocean, smoke and ash from burning sugar cane fields, farming activities (wind borne red dust), chemical spraying of crops and high winds, the radar facility was under constant barrage and there was rampant tea staining throughout the 18 exterior electrical panels and five building doors. Due to the sensitive nature of the radar equipment, it was critical that the electrical systems not fail.

FAA Radar Site – Maui, Hawaii — load bank panel and power panel subsequent to Nyclean application to remove extensive tea staining.

Nycote® officials arrived at the facility to assess the extent of the corrosion and tea staining and determine the best approach to tackle the situation.

  1. In order to clean the corrosion off the stainless steel, Nycote’s Thinner I was applied using a textured cloth. In areas of extensive corrosion, a drill motor and a soft wire brush in conjunction with the Thinner I was employed
  2. Following the cleaning process, Nyclean™ was then applied with a soft cloth to aid in the adhesion process of Nycote® 7-11 coating. Drying time was approximately 30 minutes
  3. The first coat of Nycote® 7-11 was applied using a quality brush
  4. After a 72 hour curing period, a second coat of Nycote® 7-11 was administered

The Nycote® products continue to protect and maintain the stainless steel of the radar site. After one year there is still no corrosion or tea staining damage.


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