Apr 9, 2021

Case Study #2: Protecting Label Plates

Aerospace components and aircraft are individually identified by part markings applied by ink (by pen and inkjet printers) and by fixed labels and plates. It is essential that the identification remains legible through the life of the equipment and is not removed by service fluids or environmental conditions. Nycote products provide the perfect transparent protective coating and are approved by Boeing, Airbus and Embraer for this application.

Protection is Required From:

  • Degradation from contact with water
  • Service chemicals such as fuels, lubricants, hydraulic fluid and de-icer etc
  • Abrasion and tools
  • Greases and CICs

How Nycote’s Products Protect Label Plates

Nycote products provide an excellent permanent barrier from such damage. Nycote 7-11, Nycote 88, and 99 EcoShield are all suitable materials providing a totally transparent, thin (s/b 0.4 – 0.6 mils) and highly fluid and abrasion resistant coating.

Application is easy by brush, and Nycote is available in small packs down to 1⁄2 Pint/250ml to minimize waste. The Nycotek™ pen is a 10ml application pen filled with clear Nycote 7-11 with a brush tip to facilitate application over small areas such as part markings. Nycote 88 not available in Nycotek™ applicator packaging.

  • Fig 1: Nycotek™ pen applying Nycote 7-11 Clear to an aerospace fastener part marking
  • Fig 2: Nycotek™ pen applying Nycote 7-11 Clear to an aerospace-approved marking ink and paint.
  • Fig 3: Nycote 99 EcoShield applied to an aircraft ID label.
  • Fig 4: Typical aircraft ID plate.

About Nycote

Nycote coating and resin products provide an excellent barrier from all degradative environments and can increase safety and part life-span with complete encapsulation technology. Please contact sales@nycote.com or call +1 (818) 764-9498.

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