Sep 28, 2023

Coatings for Composites

Coatings for composites

With a 60-year history of coating critical substrates, Nycote knows a thing or two about surface protection.

Nycote offers significant levels of surface protection to composite surfaces in aerospace and other high-tech industries. Typically today, coatings for composites are based on full exterior paint systems with highly filled materials and layer-thicknesses up to 100 microns/4 mil.

Complex protection in a simple, thin, single-layer application.

Nycote has looked again at coatings for composites; we can offer all of the protection needed for composite internal structures such as radome interiors, doors, and internal structural components with a 12 micron/0.5 mil clear layer of our coatings, easily applied by brush or spray.

Nycote 7-11 spray applied to carbon fibre component.

Our highly adhesive durable resin system can conform to any surface profile, filling small voids and pinholes and building a protective layer that polymerizes in place on the surface of the composite. That provides resistance to moisture and other chemical attacks from fuel, hydraulic fluid, etc. All that in a simple, thin, single-layer application.

Nycote’s Chrome-free Coatings for Composites

Nycote 7-11 - a durable Coating for composites
Nycote 99 - a durable Coating for composites

Nycote 7-11 and 99 are completely free of metals and have zero conductivity, making them perfect for use where radio and radar transparency is vital. Our products have been approved for decades by the World’s aircraft makers.

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