Dec 6, 2018

Nycote® 88, a 12-Month Shelf Life

Nycote Laboratories Corporation produces a two-part coating called Nycote 88. This product is used primarily in the aerospace industry, but more recently we find that this product is being used by more and more industries.

Our historical criteria for establishing shelf life indicated that the appropriate shelf life of this product should be and was always 6-months. However, working with Airbus in 2015, it was determined, through a different criteria, that the Nycote 88 product had a 12-month shelf life. This specific shelf life consideration became part of specifications DAN1172-01 and DAN1174

Two different shelf lives for the same product had caused confusion, not only for our customers, but internally as well. Because of these differences, further study was required. Nycote’s research and investigations confirmed that the measurement of shelf life for the Nycote 88 product should be 12 months.

It should be noted that both the Date of Manufacture (DOM) and Date of Expiration (DOE) are correct for all Nycote 88 product orders shipped prior to March 2015.

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