Aug 12, 2021

New Nygone Surface Coating Remover Experiences Success

We are excited to announce that our newly released coating remover, Nygone, has been very well received by new and existing customers in Aerospace, Automotive, and electronics industries.  We couldn’t be happier with this product as it has been able to safely and effectively help remove coatings from critical parts.

Nygone is the ultimate cross-linked polymer, thermoset resin and conformal coating remover. The formula is easy to use by spraying, brushing, or soaking the substrate in the remover. It can effectively remove paints and coatings in 1 to 6 hours depending on the coating type and thickness.

With our new product, you no longer need to use harmful toxic chemicals to remove paints and coatings. Nygone provides a safe and effective way to remove the coatings without damaging the part.

Read our case study on Nygone Surface Coating Remover or contact for more information.

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