A Foundation of Corporate Responsibility

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A Foundation of Corporate Responsibility

At the foundation of Nycote® Laboratories Corporation exists a drive to be a better company – not only for our customers, but also for our employees, the public, partner organizations and the global environment. The following outlines several of our Corporate Responsibility practices and initiatives.

Company Culture and Environment

Nycote® Laboratories specializes in finding and investing in high quality individuals and providing them a safe, nurturing, and collaborative work environment where they can acquire new skills and strengthen team building opportunities. Nycote® Laboratories Corp. President, Marcie Simpson, hosts 1-on-1 discussions twice a year with every employee about their performance, aspirations, and needs. Employee success is celebrated and rewarded financially and with notices of accomplishment on our social media outlets.

Our company has adopted a family friendly environment that offers flexible work hours and is supportive and understanding of family needs and unexpected surprises. And at Nycote®, we celebrate every employee’s birthday with song, dessert, cards and gifts!

Corporate Giving and Community Development

Nycote® Laboratories Corp. is a proud funder of STEM/STEAM initiatives, including financial support for the development of an innovative new art program at two Albert Einstein Academy campuses in Los Angeles County.

Nycote® Laboratories’ donations to the Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science school at USC are leading to new innovations for the Nycote® product itself.

In that spirit, Nycote® Laboratories is a proud member of the “Made in California” Program, which encourages small businesses to thrive and stay in California. Click here to learn more.


In addition to monetary grants, Nycote® encourages its employees to get involved in their respective communities and contribute to any number of issues or organizations important to each individual team member. Nycote employees are active in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or “STEM” programs in local schools, serving on the Boards of the Albert Einstein STEAM Academy, their Homeowner’s Associations and environmental organizations like Southern California’s popular “Heal the Bay.” Nycote® team members have also served on the Board of the Altadena Guild of Huntington Memorial Hospital, and volunteered at Outward Bound Association, which introduces lower income, urban dwelling youth to the wilderness and natural outdoors, and for the Special Olympics World Games.

Nycote® employees are also encouraged to present ideas for company events for both recreation and community service. Through our open channels of communications with, and suggestions from our employees, the Nycote team has been invited to and participated in beach cleanups and run-walk benefits, among other activities.

Health and Wellness

Nycote® Laboratories firmly believes that a healthy workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. Therefore, the company not only offers health insurance to all full-time employees, but also pays for 100 percent of employee monthly premiums.

Sustainability and/in Production

Nycote® currently uses some volatile organic compounds in manufacturing our products. However, Nycote’s production practices ensure all materials are properly measured and put to 100 percent use in making Nycote®, leaving no VOC environmental or industrial waste behind in our manufacturing process.

Further, Nycote® products conform to Dodd-Frank legislative requirements for use of “conflict free” minerals. None of the chemicals that go into producing Nycote® have been mined by participants in, nor financially benefit, violent conflicts around the globe.

Supply and Distribution Chain

Nycote® Laboratories Corporation serves as its own worldwide manufacturer and distributor, and implements the highest quality in manufacturing and shipping. The company complies with numerous international standards and certifications, including compliance with International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) regulation of the transport of volatile goods, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) standards and practices, and REACH legislation.

Green and Safe Facilities

Nycote® Laboratories Corp. participates in the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) “Small Business Direct Install” program. Older, less efficient lighting in our warehouse, offices, and manufacturing lab have been replaced with newer, safer, and more efficient lighting that will save our company money and cut down on the level of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) produced to power our daily business operations. Additional phases of LADWP’s program will allow for additional environmental efficiencies including insulation and water.

In addition, Nycote® has spearheaded efforts on our campus, and in common areas shared by other property business entities, to remove turf to save water in our drought-stricken environment.

We also go to every length to keep our employees safe. We proactively reached out to work with CAL-OSHA’s Consulting Arm to identify areas where we could improve worker safety and consistently upgrade our work stations, equipment, and safety practices to prevent employee injury and illness.

Renewable and Alternative Energy (used or purchased)

Nycote® encourages ridesharing/carpooling among its employees, several of whom participate in our company’s belief that we all need to ensure fewer cars are on the road contributing to Southern California traffic woes. Of course, the fewer cars on the road and the fewer in particular idling in traffic, the lower the GHGs produced by Nycote® employees in getting to and from company headquarters and various events.

Women and Diversity

Nycote® Laboratories Corp. is an equal-opportunity employer with a diverse workforce. Recognizing the special needs of a growing family, Nycote® continues to provide employees their full salary throughout maternity leave. This practice has been shown to promote retention of talented workers by assuring them they have a job waiting for them when they return.

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Nycote® Laboratories operates an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified Quality Management System.


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