Nygone® – The Ultimate Cross-linked Polymer, Thermoset Resin & Conformal Coating Remover
Nygone® was created to resolve the issues related to safely removing cured polymer, resin and conformal Coatings. Nygone® will effectively remove most coating products without damaging the part, thus allowing the user an easy removal method.
It is occasionally necessary to remove polymer coatings to repair a component or some part of an assembly, or to disassemble parts. However, cured coatings are cross-linked, thermoset resins that do not melt and that may be difficult to remove from a substrate. Nygone® offers safe and effective removal of polymer coatings, minimizing possible damage to the part.

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Heat, cold, and chemical exposure have commonly been the means of weakening and then removing adhesive bonds or coatings. Nygone eliminates the necessity to use these potentially damaging removal methods.

Suggestion User Instructions:

To determine your best removal outcome, review the coating’s Product Data Sheet for clues as to the best removal method. After removal and repair, it is recommended that the part be re-tested to ensure that it meets the OEM requirements[ED1] .

Nygone® is easy to use. Just allow the remover to sit on the part up to 24 hours. You may notice the coating beginning to peel away from the substrate; this indicates that the coating has been loosened and is ready for removal. The best means for removal is to gently pull the loosened coating up from the part or to gently use a removal tool that will not damage the part.

Application Methods

You can easily apply Nygone® by brush, pouring, or submersing. For parts that cannot be removed from their location, mask off areas you do not want Nygone® to affect. Once you have masked off the areas you do not want exposed, pour Nygone® into a spray bottle and spray it onto the part.
Allow the remover to sit on the part for 24 hours. Do not leave Nygone® on longer than 24 hours.Contact factory at sales@nycote for technical support.